Notes from “The Wire” 406

Kapiw & Apappo

Petites Planètes

On Mary Jane Leach, “Her interest in sounds outside the score finds a corollary in an obsession with multiples—pieces made for single instrument ensembles—of which she maintains a publicly accessible database of composed works on her website.” Geeta Dayal, “Unsound Mass”

“In the 80s and 90s, an influx of Western cassettes started flooding Chinese ports. These were ‘dakou’, overstock from Western labels which had holes punched out of them and were sent in bulk to be recycled in Hong Kong, but found their way into music shops in mainland China via grey market entrepreneurs.” Josh Feola, “Psychic Hearts”

Grupo Rumo – Rumo (1981)

Tuluum Shimmering – Linnus and Lucy (2017)

Litüus – 2236 s Wentworth Ave (2017)

pan y rosas discos



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